“Pura Vida” in Costa Rica

Retreats, in my experience, are essential to deeply unwind and unplug from my day to day life.   In Retreat, there’s time to be unscheduled and nourished physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and energetically with ample time to reflect, play, be creative, explore, read, and rest as needed.   Stress does not just magically disappear from our bodies; in fact, it accumulates in our muscles, organs, and tissues.   It requires some deliberate intention and intervention if you really want to tip the scales.

I recently returned from a personal week-long retreat at AHKí , near Nosara in the state of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.  As soon as I returned, I knew I wanted to take people to this magical paradise.   

I am happy to announce my upcoming retreat in this sacred sanctuary next year on February 22 – 29, 2020!  Take a look at this amazing place and mark your calendar.  Check details and register here – soon!  Over 20 people expressed interest before I even announced it officially.   It is truly an exquisite location on the planet – one of five “Blue Zones” where people live longer happier lives. 

In Costa Rica, you will hear the expression, “Pura Vida” which has multiple layers of meaning:  “pure life” doesn’t quite communicate it’s depth; “Life is good!” “Life is short, so let’s live it well!” or my own expression, “May we sip the sweet nectar of life!”

What’s not to love?   Come, be decadent, and nourish the deepest innate heart of your soul.  When your heart is happy, you have unshakeable equanimity.

Hanging couches around the pool with 25+ bird species nearby.

Outside my cabina… gentle jungle sounds of birds and Howler Monkeys

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