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200 Hr. Teacher Training


“Before beginning my 200-hour Alignment Yoga Teacher Training at Eugene Yoga, I believed the instruction would be exceptional because the teachers at Eugene Yoga are superior to any I’ve discovered in my 40+ years of practicing yoga. The advanced studies/teacher training program completely fulfilled my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with the abundant knowledge I acquired throughout this program. The breadth of topics covered including yoga philosophy, ethics, anatomy, body mechanics, asana, history, business, cueing, and much more were thoroughly and carefully presented and I’m amazed by the amount of material we were able to learn in 200 hours. I walked away with the books and resources I need to continue reading, learning, and growing into an experienced yoga teacher and more fully embrace yoga as a way of life. The connections I made with the teachers and other students are irreplaceable in building community and happily discovered their support did not end with graduation. I had no idea how profoundly my life would be changed before embarking on this incredible journey and feel truly proud to call myself a graduate of this outstanding program.”

C. Woodman
200 Hr. Alignment Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“Julia listened skillfully during our private yoga session, then met me at a most needful body area with a simple technique, which I now use every time I practice yoga twists.  She ‘heard’ my body.”

Joanne Williams
Yoga student

“I was introduced to yoga by Julia through a Gentle Yoga class. I have enjoyed and benefited physically and mentally from every session I’ve been a part of. She is a fine instructor—calming, patient, and sensitive to everyone’s individual goals and needs. I highly recommend her for yoga instruction of any kind.”

Ron R.

I have been attending Julia Siporin’s Gentle Yoga class Monday at 10:20 am since she started teaching therapeutic yoga at the DAC (Downtown Athletic Club). She is an excellent teacher and is able to guide us to the proper alignment (postures) so we can achieve the stretches that help us enhance our mobility.  I have always been impressed with her knowledge of the human anatomy and her ability to relate each movement to the exact area of the body we are activating.  One of my favorite things she has done is to teach us how to do a foot massage.  She also knows how to do hand message.  One of the things I really appreciate is that she gives great verbal cues to each movement so we know exactly what we need to do to achieve full benefit from the position (and why).  She is extremely patient and never gets frustrated helping us achieve our fullest potential. Gentle Yoga has enhanced my quality of life by keeping my joints flexible, having better posture and strengthening my abs.

Grateful DAC member,
Sue Johansen

What I like about Julia’s Core Awareness class is her explanations of how and why poses work all while keeping a steady class pace. This advice makes home practice easier to match with class. Julia also adjusts class to areas of interest to students and attends to the influence of aging on movement.

Mary M

“During the final day of the 200 hour Alignment Yoga Teacher Training, Julia shared with her fellow graduates that she believes one of the gifts that she brings to yoga is that she helps to ground people into their body. I couldn’t agree more. After taking many yoga classes from various teachers over the years, I’ve found that not only do I experience feeling more grounded in my body, but I also leave feeling more joyful. Julia brings a fresh presence of peacefulness and curiosity about what others are experiencing in their body to each class. This helps the classes feel very interactive and facilitated for those present in that particular class. Beyond her comforting energy, she has a wealth of knowledge about the body, which helps to cultivate a greater understanding for whom she shares. Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, if you’re interested in yoga and haven’t already shared space with her, taken one of her classes, or had a private session, I would highly, highly recommend it! ”

Lydia Alderfer

“I went to Julia Siporin’s Alignment Yoga class a few months after having an abdominal hysterectomy. My body was very out of whack. I had shoulder, neck and back pain, stiff muscles and joints, and very little core strength. I felt uncoordinated and off-balance. After a few weeks of class and a few private sessions with Julia, my pains faded away and I felt stronger and more balanced physically, mentally, and emotionally. Julia excels at walking students through the essentials of yoga postures in an extremely clear way. She’s also great at explaining body structure and the importance of alignment. She tunes into individual concerns gently and effectively. She helped me get my overall health back on track, and I highly recommend both her classes and private sessions.”


My experience completing the Alignment Yoga YTT200 training with Julia at Eugene Yoga was one of the most influential, transformative experiences of my life! Throughout the 8-month course, the teaching team offered wonderful guidance, knowledge, and support for us to develop as teachers. Not only did I gain what I needed to feel prepared to teach, my personal practice has transformed and deepened in unexpected ways. Out of this experience, I have begun inquiring into my own body and practice, and I learned how to invite others to inquire within as well. This training covers all facets of what it means to be a yoga teacher, including anatomy, yogic philosophy, ethics, the role of the yoga educator, alignment, and finding your own voice as a teacher. I highly recommend this training for those who want to deepen their practice and learn how to guide others to explore yoga.

Suzy K.
200 Hr. Alignment Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“First, Julia is a wonderful teacher; she puts her heart into Yoga. My understanding of body alignment, and my favorite – learning to push off with my back foot (as I did when I was much younger) – has given me a new ‘zip’ in my step and improved my balance. I appreciate using the golf ball for opening our foot ‘craters’ and balance. Having Julia as my Yoga teacher is very great!”

Maryellen Larson

I believe that many of us go to yoga classes thinking, “Ah, I ‘need’ this (or) I will ‘feel’ better after this (or perhaps) I should do this because…..”. It was a big step for me to return to yoga. Through Julia’s open mindedness, patience, and awareness, my mental, physical, and spiritual channels are clearing.


Feeling all three of those suppositions myself numerous times, there has been the discovery of another reason that I go to yoga. Every experience I have had, every journey, every fall, and every victory has not been done at my best…even though the 2 epitaphs I choose to be recognized for are: Never, never, ever give up until you have done all that you can do AND Nice turn signal blankety-blank…but I have tried and will try. Try every pose. Try not just to stick the pose, but to feel the breaths through them. Try to connect with the earth, the air, the breaths of others in the room. Try to give. Try to allow myself to receive.


So going to yoga is because of that single word, try. When I try, I am in the present.


In Julia’s class I have learned Acceptance. When in the studio with her, I know mentally and physically where I am that day.


There is the Gratitude that is no longer what I expect,  but that is to be given that day.


I have discovered Dedication – the “I can do this, I want to do this” knowledge when in the present moment.


Slowly, but surely through yoga I am becoming more me (again).

Megan M.

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