Resources & Inspiration

yogawareness resources

Introduction to Meditation – A free self-directed online course. 4 sessions offered by Mingyur Rinpoche of Tergar.


Scott Anderson – My main yoga teacher and source of much inspiration


Pilates On Harrison –  Offers online & in-person Pilates and Movement Lab classes.  Owned by Scott Anderson and his wife (& amazing Pilates teacher) Collette Stewart


Andrea Russell – Ayurveda consultant, yoga teacher and retreat leader


Mark Coleman – Awake in the Wild – Mark and his teachers offer daily nature-based meditation classes Monday – Friday as well as offering in-person retreats.   Mark has written a few books related to these practices: Awake in the Wild and From Suffering to Peace


Rochelle Calvert, Ph.D. – Author of  Healing with Nature; Mindfulness and Somatic Practices to Heal from Trauma.   Rochelle is a lovely human being and fellow Awake in the Wild teacher.  She is a psychologist and somatic experiencing practitioner certified in a variety of mindfulness, meditation, and trauma-healing practices.   She is the founder and clinical director of New Mindful Life


Anne Cushman –  Anne leads online experiential movement courses that feel like a combination of restorative yoga and Chi Gong to facilitate fascial release. She’s also written some lovely books, Moving Into Meditation


Day Schildkret – Morning Altars – A 7-Step Practice to Nourish Your Spirit Through Nature, Art, and Ritual:   A beautiful book full of photographs of his nature mandalas to inspire your own creations. with Dr. Michael Greger offers the latest research findings on nutrition and health.  He sorts through the scientific literature so you don’t have to; he is an advocate for a whole food plant-based diet  (WFPB).


Eat Right Now – Heal your relationship with food; a web & app-based daily program using mindfulness practices, backed by research-based science with step-by-step guidance as well as a weekly webchat  support group with Dr. Judson Brewer and Dr. Robin Boudette.    Similarly they offer another online community-based support group – Unwinding Anxiety


Wild Grace – Katie offers space to explore how you embody and align with your Self in a free 13-day online E-course.  She is the creator of many organic lotions and potions to nourish your body, heart, and mind from the inside out.  She also creates these amazing seasonal ancestral medicine baskets to help build seasonal resilience.


Alderbrooke Healing Arts – Tara Alder offers valuable information to assist you in restoring your natural vitality and reclaiming the optimally functioning and radiant body you deserve!


Mindful Magazine


JPR interview w/ Sarahjoy Marsh – Yoga & Counseling for Hope & Healing


Matthew Remski – Ayurvedic consultant, author


Yoga Alliance – Find a Registered Yoga Teacher or Yoga Teacher Training School anywhere in the world