Resources & Inspiration

yogawareness resources

Introduction to Meditation – A free self-directed online course. 4 sessions offered by Mingyur Rinpoche of Tergar.


Scott Anderson – My main yoga teacher and source of much inspiration


Andrea Russell – Ayurveda consultant, yoga teacher and retreat leader


Eat Right Now – Heal your relationship with food; a daily program based on mindfulness, backed by science with step-by-step guidance w/ Dr. Judson Brewer.    Similarly by him, Unwinding Anxiety


Wild Grace – A space to explore how you embody and align with your Self.


Yoga Alliance – Find a Registered Yoga Teacher or Yoga Teacher Training School anywhere in the world


Mindful Magazine


JPR interview w/ Sarahjoy Marsh – Yoga & Counseling for Hope & Healing


Matthew Remski – Ayurvedic consultant, author