New Years Resolutions…

When I think about New Year’s Resolutions, I see the tendency in myself and others to see what’s wrong and needs to be fixed (“I’m too_____.” or “I”m not _____.”).

If I accept that my truest deepest nature is basically good, then nothing needs fixing.

You may want to reread that line and pause to consider.

I am going to bring a sense of curiosity and self-kindness to my daily practice:
• How am I allowing that basic goodness to shine through right now? Today?
• How can I support & nurture that radiance?
– Meditation?
– Exercise?
– Time in Nature?
– Creative expression?

Beyond that, I want to simply notice my efforts to get in my own way, to “throw dirt” on my own basic goodness and well-being. Without judgment, I intend to use my tools to notice my habits and “rewards” / consequences of those habits while being open to the possibility that I might make kinder choices.

No battle cries to fix anything.

What do you think?

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