The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

This gem by Michael Singer found me while on retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs.  It helped me get a handle on the blueprints for my inner house of thoughts and emotions with ideas on how to reframe less useful mental habits by honing in on the center of awareness.


Chapter 1 “The Voice Inside Your Head”  I was introduced to my “inner roomate” which narrates the world for me like a backseat driver.  Learning how to recognize the voice is a big key to the journey that follows.


Chapter 2  “Your Inner Roommate”   We are encouraged to stop identifying with this rather disturbed and problem-seeking roommate so readily. If this was a real-life roommate, we would ask him/her to pack their bags and leave immediately!  Consider: Who is the “watcher” of this conversation?   One of my favorite quotes from this section: “Your life is not your own until you become conscious enough to understand your predicament.”


Chapter 3  “Who Are You?”  We are not our emotions or our thoughts.  We are awareness.


Chapter 4  “Lucid Self”   Like a 3D theater with surround sound that draws us in and we forget where we are, we lose our focus on the center of our own self.  We get lost in objects.  Favorite quote here:  “You are not even a human being; you just happen to be watching one.”


Chapter 5 “Infinite Energy”   Every movement and emotion requires energy which can wear us out.  There is an energy within that doesn’t require food or sleep.  It’s unlimited and you can call on it at any time.  We habitually close off our energy when various emotional triggers arise.  We can choose to stay open and watch the energy flow through us.  This infinite energy can heal us as we learn to let it flow through us more freely.  Favorite quote:  “Nothing, ever, is worth closing your heart over.”


Chapter 6  “Secrets of a Spiritual Heart”  The heart is an instrument of extremely subtle energy.  It controls energy flows like a valve.  Why does it close?  This chapter gives some perspective on this intriguing question and offers ideas to keep those valves open.


Chapter 7  “Transcending Tendency to Close”  The most primal energy flow is to protect oneself.   Nowadays, it’s our ego asserting itself with its need for protection rather than a physical need to survive like being chased by a tiger.  Rather than being caught up in the torrential flow of emotion when things get strange, can we row ashore and notice what is going on?   Can we disengage, return to the center of our awareness, and make a more intelligent decision?


So, these are some of the highlights from the first of five sections.    It just keeps getting juicier!  Go pick up a copy at your local bookstore!

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