Do you realize that the moment the breath fills you with life is the shortest distance there will ever be between the finite and the infinite? It is the shortest possible line that can be drawn between the two extremes. Into this finite being, the infinite came. You got touched. In that moment, you are a part of the universe. You're not separated from it. You are living; you exist. That's what the whole universe is about.

— Prem Rawat; The Greatest Truth of All – You Are Alive

Register: 200 Hr. Alignment Yoga Advance Training

Are you looking for a comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training?  The Alignment Yoga Advanced Studies program enjoys a fabulous reputation graduating highly competent students.  While the trend is for short intensives, our program gives you time to digest and apply what you learn each month over an...

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Zihuat Yoga Retreat

As it turns out, doing yoga in sunny Zihuatanejo, Mexico overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean every morning can be pretty darn distracting.  To be sure, it's a first world problem. But, a problem is still a problem. I challenged myself to reign in my gaze...

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