Radical Acceptance; Tara Brach

Often, at the beginning of a new year, people make resolutions to improve themselves – as if something is wrong with us and needs to be fixed. If this strategy has come up short, consider trying something different.  The benefits of extending self-kindness and compassion far outweigh the stream of self-criticism we churn in our minds on a regular basis.


Tara Brach, in her book Radical Acceptance, helps us dissolve what she calls, “the trance of unworthiness” and awaken the loving awareness that is our essence.  “Radical acceptance frees us from longing and delivers us into belonging because what we are really looking for is inside us.”


She addresses several forms of self-imposed suffering like desire and craving, self-judgment, fear, insecurity, and isolation and offers guided meditations to befriend all of these aspects of ourselves which then begin to lose their grip on us.

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