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Why “Yoga for Healthy Aging”?

With prescription glasses, I can see signs of aging with greater clarity, and I know I’m not alone.  Osteopenia.  Joint stiffness.  Did I forget to mention memory?  With each new grey hair, I search for the granny gear to slow this train down.   While there are...

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NEW Series: Yoga for Healthy Aging!

Last summer, I took a week-long workshop with Dr. Baxter Bell and Melina Meza on Yoga for Healthy Aging and completed the requirements to become certified in this yoga approach.  From that material, I am very excited to offer two new 5-week series at Eugene...

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Yoga for a Healthy Back- Returns!

Yoga for a Healthy Back is BACK by popular demand! Perhaps you've noticed your low back aching more than it used to - getting off the couch or out of bed or maybe you feel your posture is starting to slump more and more from sitting...

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