Defrost your Ribs and Diaphragm

With temperatures dropping at this time of year, we tend to huddle up and lock down our rib cage, and probably the neck is getting scrunched as well. Brrr!!!!! It’s chilly!   The thing is, to enjoy the benefits of inner peace and a contentment, we need those ribs and shoulder blades to be moving so the diaphragm can freely move thus enabling full deep breathes in an out.


So, take a few moments to do some kind of a twist. Even in your chair right now, turn your head left, then invite the shoulders and upper back vertebrae to follow.  The right hand can join the left hand on the chair arm or side of the seat to deepen the twist. Keep your hips facing forward.  Inhale, lengthen.  Exhale, soften your spine just a smidge to wring out the rib muscles just a bit more.  This will also tug on the diaphragm to help reset healthy breathing.  Be sure to twist in the other direction!


Now try a seated side bend.  Lift your left arm up towards the sky.  Right hand goes to the floor or to the side of your chair. Side bend to the right in a gentle “C-curve” so the left side ribs expand out to the left. Take a nice deep inhale and full complete exhale.  Come up and explore the second side.


These 2 stretches can help unlock those ribs that are closed in tight due to cold weather, anxiousness, or other types of stress, and give that diaphragm more breathing room – literally!

Try it and see what you think.  Let me know if that helps thaw out the deep freeze in your upper body.

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